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Edward Cleland, Clinical Director

Founder of Mind Body Medicine of Michigan, LLC

Founder of Planted Superfood Bar

Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist, 

Elite Athlete, Professional Esports, and Executive Performance Specialist,

Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Dr. Rich Cicala, DC

Owner of Balanced Living Chiropractic, Dr. Rich is a NUCCA Certified Chiropractor, Functional Nutritionist, and Corporate Wellness Consultant.

Dr. Rich has been in practice for more than 13 years, having made more than 150,000 adjustments. Dr. Rich is a gentle health leader; highly respected within both the Chiropractic and Medical communities.  

Dan Ungarten, Managing Partner

Dan empowers MBM and their amazing network of clients as they experience the unique changes which come with tremendous growth.

He has spent more than 20 years helping organizations, including within Quicken Loans and Coca Cola, through person-to-person relationship and growth management. In addition to his high-level business acumen, Dan is an passionate father, marathoner, and ironman finisher. 

Trent McEntire, Neuro-Movement

Trent is the Owner of McEntire Pilates and creator of Brain Speed Ball. He was the creator of Brain Science, a tool and program for creative problem solving and enforcing the connection between the mind and body. He was the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award from Western Michigan University. Trent is a former professional dancer, whole-foods advocate, and considered one the foremost Pilates Experts in the United States.  

Lorene Clark Lacayo, MA, NBC-HWC

Lorene is a talented board certified Lifestyle Medicine and Emotional Well-being Coach. She holds certifications in Somatic Psychology and Plant-Based Nutrition. Lorene supports clients of MBM through helping them understand how their emotional well-being impacts all areas of health and life. Lorene is a surfer, fluent in Spanish, and her energy is infectious. 

Kelly Wilson, RD

Kelly is a thoughtful and experienced Registered Dietician who supports MBM individual clients as they navigate long-term health changes. Kelly is intricately involved in local sustainable farming practices and holds an Organic Farming Certificate from Michigan State University. She was a collegiate track athlete at the University of Minnesota and now is a trail ultramarathoner.    

Matt Masserant, Functional Movement

Matt is a Corrective Exercise Specialist for elite and professional athletes and organizations. He holds a bachelors in Health Science from Oakland University and coaching certificates through USA Track & Field, International Youth Conditioning Association, & National Strength & Conditioning Association. Matt supports MBM clients through movement assessment, correction, and program implementation. Matt is a professional ultramarathoner with countless awards; including two-1st place finishes at the 100-Mile Run Woodstock Ultramarathon.   

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