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Edward Cleland, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner

Edward Cleland, MA is the Founder of Mind Body Medicine of Michigan, LLC and Mind Body Esports. Edward has been a Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and Functional Nutritionist working with Professional Athletes, within Professional Esports, and with Fortune-100 Executives and organizations since 2005. He is leading the Esports Performance industry through a holistic approach to performance; including supporting player and teams mental, nutritional, lifestyle, and physical health. 

Edward has led health and wellness initiatives for players and organizations including 100 Thieves, Complexity Gaming, Renegades Gaming, General Motors, Ford, McLaren Hospitals, Comerica Bank, USA Olympics, and the Detroit Public School System. 

Edward is the Founder of Planted Superfood Bar in Rochester, Michigan. He is completing a PhD in Mind Body Medicine at Saybook University with a focus in esports psychophysiology. His dissertation is a phenomenological study of professional gamers perceived experiences with performance anxiety.  

Edward is a loving father, trail marathoner, and health nerd. He studies daily and enjoys reading about mental health performance, neuro-nutrition, Buddhism, and Taoism.  

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Dan Ungarten, Managing Partner

Dan empowers Mind Body Medicine of Michigan, LLC and their amazing network of clients as they experience the unique changes which come with tremendous growth.

He has spent more than 20 years helping organizations, including within Quicken Loans and Coca Cola, through person-to-person relationship and growth management. In addition to his high-level business acumen, Dan is an passionate father, marathoner, and ironman finisher. 

With absolutely no financial benefit, referral, or commission to be made, Dan consults Esports players and organizations as they navigate growth and various stages of their careers. 

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