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the method

Proven Comprehensive Health and Performance-Driven Support Holistically ICo-Created for the Individual and Team
Edward laying the foundation for a
LCS Championship at 100 Thieves
The Mind-Body-Esports Methodology

Mind-Body-Medicine focuses on interactions between the brain, body, mind, and behavior. Emotional, mental, social, spiritual, experiential, and behavioral factors directly affect health. At Mind-Body-Esports, we focus on co-creating personalized health plans for individual athletes, teams, and organizations which address mindset, nutrition, movement, and lifestyle factors. 


Thinking involves how we talk to ourselves. The human mind easily runs wild and our thoughts physically change the brain. The brain does not stop evolving and creating pathways until we die! Experts believe we think between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day. Beyond formal meditation, self-regulating your thoughts and self-talk will change your life.

The gap between our stated goals and life intentions and our actions requires a mindset plan. Learn how to meditate, self-regulate, and develop a champions-mindset.

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."


Tags: Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychology, Psychophysiology, Performance, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Planning, Letting Go, Self-Awareness


We are mammals and require a specific nutrient load to function optimally. Regardless of what your health or life goals are, proper nutrition will empower or prevent you from moving forward.


Not all healthy foods are healthy for you. Supplementation and on-the-go consumer packaged goods, although potentially beneficial, are not replacements for proper nutrition.


We are the health of our cells. Our cells rely on and reflect our nutrition practices. Scrap diets, they don't work. Learn what foods work for you. 


We use lab testing, intuition, powerful discussion, and accessiblity to personalize an eating plan. 


"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."



Tags: Intuitive Eating, Meal Planning, Diabetes, Grocery Store Tours, Paleo, Keto, Anti-Inflammation, Metabolism, Hormones, Fasting, Juicing, Detoxification, Natural Supplementation, Lab Testing, Somatic Awareness, Plant-Based 


Individuals move for many reasons. Some create training programs for pursuing goals such as running a marathon or beating diabetes. Whatever your movement reason, it must be intrinsically motivated, move you towards goals, and should bring you joy.


Often, movement programs are ill-devised and cause the body harm, despite a feeling of effort and accomplishment. It is imperative that your movement practices are helping you achieve your health goals, not simply satisfying ego at the cost of bodily harm.


Fun fact: the body utilizes adipose tissue (body fat) as a fuel source at lower heart rate zones, and does not utilize fat as fuel during high intensity training.


Co-creation of a joyful, personalized, health promoting plan is possible on any schedule for any person. Movement is not about force, it's about flow. Mind-Body-Esports is an office space where we help plan your movement practices.

Intention, breathing, and form are critical in all movement practices.   

Tags: Movement and Therapy for Esports, Marathon and Running Programs, Yoga, Qigong, Pilates,  Strength, Speed, Flexibility, Athletics, Body Composition, Breathe, Posture, Form, Intentionality


Take a moment and consider any holiday, family or friend celebration, or event you enjoy attending. What foods do you expect to be present?

Imagine an opportunity on Tuesday at 3pm or a retreat being offered this weekend, what would you have to change in order to attend?

It is undeniable that we live busy, hectic lives - which we created. In order to change, you will have to evaluate your schedule and priorities. Reviewing the how, who and what you allocate your resources to will help shift priorities and practices.

"Growth requires discomfort. Seek out and create calmness in your own discomfort."

-Edward Cleland, Clinical Director of Mind Body Esports, a Mind Body Medicine of Michigan, LLC company.

Tags: Planning, Relationships, Communication, Prioritizing, Scheduling, Change Process, Integration, Removing Obstacles, Team Goals  

*Testing: Mind-Body-Medicine of Michigan, LLC may suggest or request lab testing, depending on your health intake and goals. We do conduct testing in our practice for inflammation, vitamin D levels, C-reactive protein, food sensitivity, and DNA.

All pricing for tests listed on services tab. Please call or email for details.  

Mind Body Esports sells fish oil, organic CBD products, vitamin D, multi-vitamins, and several other natural supplements as needed for our patients.  

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