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The Leading Performance Optimization Team

Mind Body Esports was founded in 2017, bringing a decade of health consulting experience in traditional athletics and corporate wellness to the world of competitive gaming. 

Our approach is holistic, wmeet people / gamers / teams / orgs where they are. We place the individual at the center of a comprehensive integrative health and performance model. Healthy people are better performing gamers. 

Practitioner: Edward Cleland, Mind Body Medicine

Business: Dan Ungarten, Managing Partner

Legal: Bill Ogden, Mind Body Ventures

*Staff Includes (located/licensed in US): Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, Licensed Dietitian, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Functional Fitness Trainer, Tech 

Mind Body Esports with G2 Esports at Blast Premier: Abu Dhabi
Mind Body Esports with 100 Thieves at Valorant First Strike


Mind Body Esports has helped

hundreds of professional gamers

become healthier, work better

together, and reach goals.

G2 Esports CSGO - IEM Katowice Champions 2023

G2 Esports CSGO - BLAST Premier: World Final Champions 2022

NRG VAL - NA Franchise Qualify 2022

Evil Geniuses LoL - LCS Summer 1st Place 2022

Evil Geniuses LoL - LCS Spring Finals Champions 2022

100 Thieves VAL - VCT Stage 2 NA 1st Place 2021

100 Thieves LoL - LCS Champions 2021

100 Thieves VAL - Valorant First Strike Champions 2020

100 Thieves CSGO - ESL ProLeague NA 2nd Place 2020

Renegades CSGO - IEM Katowice 5-8 'Qualifier' 2019

Renegades CSGO - SL i-League Shanghai Champions 2017



Traditional Athletics to Esports

Mind Body Esports lead practitioner, Edward Cleland has worked in wellness consulting for over 15 years, beginning in athletic nutrition and performance optimization. Originally located in San Francisco, "Body Mind Athletics" moved to Michigan and transitioned from serving traditional professional athletes and large corporate clients to the esports industry.

Starting with the Detroit Renegades in 2017, Mind Body Esports was created. Working alongside the Renegades, our Mind-Body approach was crafted for esports. We followed 'the boys' to 100 Thieves and stuck around after they left. Edward has since traveled with JKS to Complexity and now with G2. This squad will always have a special place in our heart. #ytb

Renegades Esports
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