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For Players, Organizations, and Owners

Players and organizations face difficulties managing the fast-paced environment of esports. 

Mind-Body Medicine focuses on interactions between the brain, body, mind, and behavior.


Offering comprehensive services on and off-site for all titles, org, player, and team needs. 



Mind Body Esports at the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound
Edward Cleland


We work side by side with competitors to help them reach their best selves. From nutrition to mindset, our approach to success starts with players. 

Edward Cleland 100 Thieves


We bring the same dedication offered to players, to the office. We provide organizations with the steps towards a healthier and cohesive staff outside of the server.

Edward Cleland with 100 Thieves


We provide players and organizations with the tools necessary to excel. Understanding is the first step to success, and we ensure our clients are given the knowledge to get there.

Edward Cleland with 100 Thieves


Solutions for: People, Gamers,

Teams, Organizations,

& Educational Institutions

Modalities: Mind, Nutrition,

Body, and Lifestyle

Consulting to Full-Service Support 

On-Site and Online

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