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COMPLEXITY                                                                     CS:GO


JASON LAKE, COMPLEXITY CEO “Edward is incredibly talented and brings tremendous contribution. I sleep better when I know he’s here. He’s the expert and adult all teams would benefit from having in the room.  If he ever needs a professional recommendation, send them to me.” 05/07/21

KRISTIAN “K0NFIG” WEINCECKE, COMPLEXITY, CS:GO “I love Edward. Working with him is life changing. A chat with him is like removing a stone from your heart.” August 2021


BENJAMIN “BLAMEF” BREMER, COMPLEXITY, CS:GO “My experience with Edward has been nothing short of amazing. He’s been helping me both on a private and professional level; I have always enjoyed and appreciated the advice he

game me and always look forward to my talks with him.

I think any serious organization should consider

themselves lucky if they get the opportunity to work

with Edward.” November 2021



“The value that Edward gave to Complexity was

immense. I was able to go to him both professionally

and personally with whatever I needed and I always felt

like he was able to identify and dissect any issue with

ease. He turned our team around into the right direction

numerous time when we needed it most. He brought

about a comradery in the team that I had never really

experienced before previously. I honestly attribute most

of our winning phases as a direct result of Edward’s

impact on the team, whether he was remote or in person. Any team should quite literally jump at the chance to enlist Edward into their ranks, they will not regret it.” November 2021

JUSTIN “JKS” SAVAGE, RENEGADES, 100 THIEVES, & COMPLEXITY, CS:GO “I’d like to give a big thanks to our Performance Coach Edward Cleland who made me a better player, but most importantly made me a better person.  I have learned a lot outside of the game from Edward over the last three years and I’m grateful our paths crossed.” 10/23/20    

”I have worked with Edward for more than four years and I’m still learning new things from him to this day. In that time he has been a great performance coach, teaching me not only from a mental perspective, but also from a nutritional and fitness aspect, as well as just always being there to talk about anything I need. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and he would be a valuable piece to any team or organization.”  November 2021



100 THIEVES                                       LEAGUE OF LEGENDS     VALORANT     CS:GO

                                                                      CALL OF DUTY.      CONTENT CREATORS     STAFF


NADESHOT, 100 THIEVES CEO “Edward knows what he’s doing. I wasn’t sure ‘cause I’m old school, but this mind body esports is the new way. I don’t know. But I know Edward knows. And he can fucking shoot (a basketball) too.” 12/07/20 @VALORANT FIRST STRIKE CHAMPIONSHIP PARTY


CHAN-HO “SSUMDAY” KIM 김찬호, 100 THIEVES, LoL “Edward is the Faker (LoL legend) of Performance Specialists. He helped me through my most difficult times as a professional player. He is kind and attentive.” 06/07/20 

“For me, with Edward was like family, not business.” November 2021


PETER “ASUNA” MAZURYK, 100 THIEVES, VALORANT “Edward helps with our energy and atmosphere. He always makes sure we are always trying to give it our all and understand why we are here. Personally, Edward made me realize why I am trying to play this game and how small things impact the bigger picture – he helped me work on that. I didn’t want to play an event and think we lost because of my attitude and he helped me out with that a lot.” November, 2021


ETHAN “ETHAN” ARNOLD, 100 THIEVES, VALORANT “Edward is a great mental coach. He is willing to meet players “where they are.” He uses multiple methods to make the players the best versions of themselves while also strengthening the team as a whole.” November 2021


NICHOLAS “NITR0” CANNELLA, 100 THIEVES, VALORANT “Edward helped not only with the nutritional choices and mental decisions I’ve made, but also with personal choices and conflicts. Being able to relate on a personal level positively affected our relationship.” November 2021


JAE “HUHI” CHOI 최재현, 100 THIEVES, LoL “Edward helped the team to focus on what is in the present and step-by-step so that we don’t lose track or get distracted reaching our end goal. When you need someone to talk to about anything, Edward is always there for support so that you can focus on your performance.” November 2021


CHRIS “PAPASMITHY” SMITH, 100 THIEVES, LoL “Edward did a lot of great work with the 100 Thieves organization and the LCS program specifically, his contribution to our success won’t be undervalued.” November 2021


FELIX “ABBEDAGGE” BRAUN, 100 THIEVES, LoL “Edward helped me mentally to stay on the right path. He pushed me to stay disciplined and be the best version of myself.” November 2021


CAN “CLOSER” CELIK, 100 THIEVES, LoL “Edward is a great mentor and working with him is a pleasure. I am thankful he helped me both mentally and with my health.” November 2021


JOSHUA “STEEL” NISSAN, 100 THIEVES, VALORANT “Edward’s approach of “normalizing winning” helped me focus on the process of my craft. We shared the same fire for competition and winning. I always felt like Edward was ready to go to war with me.” November, 2021


PHIL “POOME” LAVOIE-GIGUERE, 100 THIEVES, LoL “Edward helped me greatly understand that winning isn’t the only thing that is important for your mind. You can win and still not be at peace with yourself. The process of how you get there and the routines you build yourself to keep going are very important. Thinking more of intentions whether small or big on the daily rather than expectations and building/analyzing yourself upon those criteria. Just living life honestly, to not forget that we are all here for the same purpose and we all have goals in common.” November 2021


JOHANN “SEVEN” HERNANDEZ, 100 THIEVES, VALORANT “I only worked with Edward for a little bit but could tell he really cares and looks out for our players. It was really cool to be able to talk to someone who’s always there to help.” November 2021


TANNER “DAMONTE” DAMONTE, 100 THIEVES, LoL “Edward helped me focus on myself outside of the game in different ways including my physical and mental health. Throughout my dad-to-day seeing him and having meetings with him were something I always looked forward to. He also helped expose me to new ways of thinking in and outside of the game that still translate to my life after working with him.” 


HECTOR “FROST” ROSARIO, 100 THIEVES, VALORANT “Edward connected well with our players to create individualized health and wellness plans for each aimed to help give them tools for success and the team a competitive edge.” November 2021


SPENCER “HIKO” MARTIN, 100 THIEVES, VALORANT “I’m not the MVP of First Strike, Edward is.” 12/07/20


LAUREN WIEDMEIER, FORMERLY 100 THIEVES, EVIL GENIUSES, (NEW) DIRECTOR OF PEOPLE “We need to find a way to clone you (Edward) and bring you here (EG).” 04/30/21



RENEGADES                                                        CS:GO     ROCKET LEAGUE     STAFF


JONAS JEREBKO, RENEGADES OWNER, EX-NBA PLAYER “Edward was instrumental in our development. He is a talented health expert with the ability to transform athletes and teams. With him at the lead, our 25th ranked CS:GO team became a top 5 team.” 04/28/20


JAY “LIAZZ” TREGILLGAS, RENEGADES & 100 THIEVES, CS:GO “Our mental and health coach Edward taught me a great deal about the field in which I work in and about myself throughout the years. Our talks and sessions truly helped me become not just the player but the person I am today. Edward is an absolute legend.” 10/20/20

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